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Daily Devotion, 01/22/18, Luke 18:1-8  “Pray First and Always”


“One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up.” Luke 18:1 NLT


It has been said that to ask God for something more than once is demonstrating a lack of faith…you should only pray once and then by faith leave it with Him. In our passage today, Jesus gives a different approach. Pouring out your heart to God again and again for the same thing is not “vain repetition.” God hears and God cares so keep asking and keep listening. Your forbearance demonstrates your faith. It takes faith to believe that God is listening day after day after day, especially when you are not seeing any outward results. Persistence in prayer gives our heart hope while God is working behind the scenes.


Persistence in prayer also acknowledges that God moves according to His will and timetable, not ours. He is God. I submit my will, rights and all control to Him as I persistently pray with a fully surrendered heart.

Praying with persistence gives the Holy Spirit a chance to work on us and in us. Sometimes what God is doing in us as we pray is a higher priority to Him than what we are praying for. That work of the Holy Spirit in us may not be what we’re asking for, but it may be what we need the most.

One last insight, always take time to listen to God. Ask Jesus to tell you by His Spirit anything He wants you to know in regard to what you are praying about. He may well say something like, “I’ve got this” or “It is done” or “Here’s your answer.” His words to you may allow you to stop praying about that specific request. Don’t ever give up in praying but do listen closely enough to hear if He is telling you to stop or to pray differently.

Pray first and always. Submit and have faith. Listen and align. You are loved!


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