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Daily Devotion, 12/15/2018, “A Good Kind of Hate”

Jude 1:22-23 NLT

And you must show mercy tothose whose faith is wavering.Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.


You’ve likely heard it said many times that as Christ-followers we are to, “Hate the sin and love the sinner.” That idea is what Jude is trying to communicate in this passage. “Hate” is a strong emotion. To hate sin may sound a little over the top but follow where Jude is going with the thought. We tend to avoid what we dislike but we tend to destroy what we hate. If we don’t hate sin, we will not want to rescue those who are drowning in it. The glorification of sin and immorality is in our faces constantly through reality shows, sitcoms, movies, magazine covers and so on. The net effect of all that exposure is that it can numb us to the destructive outcomes of sinful lifestyles in this life and in life eternal. The more numb we get, the more careless we become. Without even realizing it sometimes, we ourselves become contaminated.


Do you remember the extremes medical professionals went to as they tried to rescue people who had contracted the Ebola virus? They were covered and sealed from head to toe so that there was no chance of contamination. They wanted very much to rescue those who were perishing without perishing themselves. It’s kind of like that with sin. We must be fully aware of its destructive and deadly capability so that we are motivated to rescue others from it while also protecting ourselves from being taken out by it. 


May you love always and show mercy in great measure. May you hate sin so much that you are motivated to join God in His rescue mission to save those being destroyed by it. May you put on the full armor of God and enter the fray with eyes wide open so that you are not contaminated along the way. You are loved!



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