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Daily Devotion, 2/13/18, “Deception, Destruction and Death”

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.” John 10:10a NLT

Back in August, our region was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. The storm caused an estimated 200 billion dollars in damage as it took 88 lives. In addition to the 12,700 homes destroyed by the storm, another 190,000 homes were damaged. As always is the case after a destructive storm here, hundreds of fly by night, out of town rip off artists pretending to be legitimate building contractors descended on our area to scam as much money as possible out of storm victims who needed debris removed and homes repaired. Most were not licensed, bonded or insured because they were not really contractors. They were heartless scammers looking to make a quick buck off of desperate people.

Jesus tells us that the evil one has very similar tactics. He “masquerades as an angel of light,” (2 Corinthians 11:14) pretending to be something he’s not as he presents goods and services that seem good, sound right and appear legitimate…but they’re not. His goal is not to make your life better, his goal is to rip you off in a big way. He wants to strip you of everything he can and then leave you destitute. He tells you that his way is more fun but it’s only fun for a season. He tells you that his is a faster path to your dreams but it always ends as a nightmare. He tells you that no one will ever know but the truth is that your sins will always find you out, (Numbers 32:23, Galatians 6:7-9). His goal is not to simply disrupt your life. His goal is “steal, kill and destroy.”

I could share with you a thousand stories of people I know who have been swindled by the evil one. I’m sure you have your own stories too. You likely didn’t plan to do something wrong, you just got scammed. Satan dangled something in front of you that you thought you wanted, you fell for it and you paid dearly.

May you recognize the evil one for who he is and what he has come to do. When he offers you the world, remember that lies and deceit are his native language, (John 8:44). Listen instead to the life giving One who loves you. You are loved!



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