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Daily Devotion, 2/20/18, “Miraculous???”

“But despite all the miraculous signs Jesus had done, most of the people still did not believe in him.” John 12:37 NLT

In February of 2015, a 14 year-old named John Smith fell through the ice and was submerged underwater for 15 minutes. The paramedics arrived and began CPR. They worked on him all the way to the hospital where the doctors and nurses continued to work on him. After 45 minutes of trying with no results, his mother, Joyce, was invited into the room and asked how long they should continue. She began praying loudly for God to bring life back to her son’s lifeless body. Suddenly, Dr. Kent Sutterer, the attending physician, shouted, “We’ve got a pulse!  We’ve got a pulse!” Even though his heart had started again, his brain had been without oxygen for so long that he’d likely have severe brain damage. John walked out of the hospital sometime later with no signs of damage at all. The kid was “dead” for 45 minutes, and now, following his mother’s prayer, he was perfectly fine. How do you explain that? The doctor called it a “bona fide miracle.” 

Many people would find a lot of ways to explain the event but  “miracle” wouldn’t be one of them. Even in the face of the facts…15 minutes underwater, no heartbeat detected by experienced health professionals, reviving following the prayer and no lingering brain or physical damage…some people wouldn’t accept a divine explanation. That’s because they don’t want to believe. To admit to a miracle is to admit the divine. To admit the divine is to admit that there’s a God to whom we have to answer. Many just can’t do that. Jesus ran into the same kind of unbelief during his ministry here.

Don’t get tricked into thinking that the unconvinced in your circle would believe if God would just do a big miracle for them to see. For some, signs and wonders aren’t enough to make them wonder about God. Instead, pray that their spiritual eyes will be opened to see how God is working in them and around them. Pray for the evil one to be bound from blinding them to the goodness and love of Jesus. Pray that they see enough of the light of Christ in you that they want it for themselves. You are loved!


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