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Daily Devotion, 3/14/18, Day 12: A Divine Exchange

During this journey, we are preparing our hearts and minds for the significance of the cross. Day by day our failures are given up into His nail pierced hands as He gives grace and more grace. He is grace in the middle of our chaos, in the middle of our joy, in the middle of our doubts, in the middle of our lives. Sometimes when we lay ourselves down, we can find the deepest rest. We rest from performance, we rest from striving, we rest from fear, we rest from all that we feel we are not, we rest from wrestling with our doubts. Jesus' sacred act on the cross did it all for us. It paid the price. It was the price to set us free from that "inner accuser." 

Find a quiet moment by yourself to creatively reflect.

Picture yourself in the crowd gathered around the cross of Jesus. Try to imagine the view from Jesus' eyes as He looked down from the cross. Picture Him glancing all around and looking into the eyes and souls of all gathered there. His eyes are full of compassion, grace, truth and forgiveness knowing that His excruciating pain was paying the price for their freedom. His vision takes in every man, woman, and child there at the cross that day. Imagine that you were there too. His eyes see you. 

What failures are still carried on your back or yet more, still carried in your hand? What rejection still stings your heart? What questions still linger in your mind? 

He invites you to lay them down once and for all. Can you see yourself placing them at the foot of His cross? Go ahead- in your mind's eye, see yourself literally laying them down one by one and leaving them there. Pause a moment and thank Jesus for the high price He paid for you. He has something He wants to give you before you leave. The only thing you take now in your hand, your heart and your mind is His grace, pure grace. It's a gift that cost Him everything to give and a gift that costs you nothing to receive except the emptying of your hand. It's a divine exchange that changes everything.

Rest in the gift of grace for a moment. Live out that grace to others today. 

From the 30 day devotional journey, "More of Him, Less of Me" written by Sharon Ardizzone.

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