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Overture of Heaven by Sharon Ardizzone

On the heels of one of the most gorgeous autumns I have ever experienced, I find myself right on the doorstep of December and the first Sunday of Advent has quietly come and gone.  This year, the autumn in southwest Louisiana romanced the deepest places of my heart with the timeless beauty of rich hues of golds, reds, yellows, and oranges. I took many morning and evening walks here at Ardizzone Acres amidst the brilliant array of twirling leaves free falling to carpet our walking path with breathtaking color. Seeking to make eucharisteo a part of each walk, I focused on the many blessings that saturate my life daily. Even the hard places have been blessings these days because I am learning deeper measures of God’s faithfulness and kindness on my journey.  It seems as though the brilliance of this year’s autumn has been an overture to one of the most sacred seasons of the year – The Advent. 


Overtures can be heard at symphonies and many musical events as they prepare the way for the music pieces that follow.  An overture is much like an introduction to a larger and often more dramatic work. We see God’s overtures all through His creation but none are more stunning than the coming of Jesus into this world on our behalf.  That beautiful sacred overture has set the stage so that every human soul has the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with their Creator.  The coming of Jesus, the Advent, spilled over heaven’s gates at just the right time.  It prepared the way for the greater work of the cross, the resurrection and the ascension.  The grand overture of heaven will climax with the return of Jesus as He gathers us to His heart forever. The spiritual song of our hearts will then be returned to the place it originated, to the very heart of God Himself. May the overture of heaven gently serenade you this Advent Season and remind you of the most beautiful love song of all time. It was personally written for you and me.

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